The Hybrids Series this urban fantasy series  takes place in the future, where demons are an accepted part of society. These books are filled with complex characters and reflect on a range of themes.

Book 1 - The Hidden

Homeless. Hunted. Hated.

As a member of the Elite Guard, Teagan has dedicated her life to slaying the monsters and protecting humans.

One hasty decision results in dire consequences for her. 

Forced from the Guard she takes a journey that reveals hidden truths.

Now she is faced with a choice: deny her true self or embrace the monster within.

Will she sacrifice it?


Book 2 - The Betrayed

There are worse things than being The Slayer

When a betrayal kicks off a war, Teagan must face foes that were once friends. Time is running out, the body count is climbing and evil is wrecking havoc as the lines between good and evil blur.

The stakes are higher than ever, as Teagan and the Hybrids discover that winning a battle may cost them the war. In this action-packed continuation of Teagan's story, she is faced with a new normal and devastating news while in a battle for her life.

Will she survive it and will everyone else?


Book 3 - The Controlled

Dying is the worst or is it?

Teagan arrives in Heaven confused, pissed, and demanding a second chance. She can have it on one condition: she must sacrifice her humanity. It's not much of a choice and she's out of options if she wants to return to save the imprisoned hybrids.

Demons took over Earth in the time Teagan was making deals in Heaven. It's up to Teagan to find allies to fight for the ultimate prize: Earth's freedom.

Will Teagan save the hybrids or will her sacrifice be in vain?


Croft and Sterling Paranormal PI

Book 1 - The Magic Thief (May 2020)

Stolen magical artifacts, missing girls, and a hot partner I don’t want, what could possibly go wrong?

Paranormal Private Investigator (PI), Rayne Martin races against the clock to solve a case that is becoming more complicated by the moment. What started as a simple missing grimoire and stolen ancestral necklace has now morphed Into a potentially debilitating new reality for magic users.

Now, young women are missing. Others are turning up stripped of their magic and raving about monsters. Stealing magic once seemed inconceivable, but it is now a very real threat. It’s up to Marty to find out who is stealing magic. 

Just when she has things in-hand, a partner is forced on her. Marty never learned to work well with others, so this is the last thing she wants. He is a straight play-by-the-rules guy. There is no rule she wouldn’t break. If they can’t learn to work together, then they will fail.

When her closest friend is taken, time is running out for Marty and Lochlan to crack the case. If they can’t find the magic thief, there may be nothing left of Marty’s friend to recover.