About Me


CC is a Marine veteran, who was born and raised in California. Currently, she lives in Virginia with her kids, cats and a crazy Doberman. She began her writing journey as a child, but it wasn't until a failed NANOWRIMO experiment that she began writing in earnest. Despite that kick-in-the-pants, she didn't begin to write with the intention of publishing until January 2019. Together, with a fellow author, she decided this was the year they finished their first novels. From that, her Hybrids Series was born.

The Hybrids Series is an Urban Fantasy novel that takes place in the future, where demons are an accepted part of society. These books are filled with complex characters and reflect on a range of themes. Book one is available now and book two is out on pre-order and will be released Jan. 16, 2020. Book three will be out on pre-order soon and is scheduled for release Spring 2020.

When CC isn't writing, she can be found doing photography, reading, being outdoors or enjoying water sports.